Games Inbox: Destiny 2 is too easy, PUBG vs. Fortnite, and cheap Resident Evil 7

The evening Inbox celebrates the success of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as one reader asks after the FIFA 18 Switch review.

So, it’s been out for over two weeks now so I feel it’s time to take a step back and see how I feel about Destiny 2 now all the launch day excitement is over. I’ve really enjoyed it so far I have to admit. The grind doesn’t feel so limited anymore and there’s definitely a much better sense of the game world being alive and full of things to do and find. The Raid is a really good one and I don’t think there are any real disappointments, except… it’s too easy.

I am not, literally, a Dark Souls player and do not enjoying punishing games but while playing the game last night I realised that everything PvE is a pushover and always has been. Take your eye off the ball or go into a high level are when you shouldn’t and sure you can die. But for anyone that keeps their eye at least half open it’s all a pushover.

At the moment that’s not a problem, because everything’s new and I’ve been enjoying. But I do think that’s going to impact on the longevity of it all unless Bungie start adding some new difficulty modes in. I don’t know why they took them out in the first place, unless they want to make a big thing of their return. But if they don’t offer a bigger challenge I think Destiny 2 may end up being a bit too short and sweet.

Industry machinations

We’ve had some interesting industry stuff in the last few days: EA’s scummy dealing with developers and now Square Enix chasing the tail of the latest industry buzzwords. Another thing that caught my eye today is the makers of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds hinting they might sue Epic over their similar mode in Fortnite.

Which is crazy really considering the Battle Royale mode is not particularly new (H1Z1 was the first time I saw it) and it’s a pretty basic idea really. It’d be id Software suing every other developer because they had a deathmatch mode.

I’m sure it won’t be long till we have dozens of PUBG clones, and considering how janky the original is they’ll probably do it better too. The question is whether that’s fair? It means we’ll probably get a better game, because of the competition, but it also means the original will probably be left behind. Just like H1Z1 already kind of has. It also raises the question of how much companies are able to copyright parts of their game. I mean, what if id really were able to sue other people for making deathmatch games?!

Keeping faith

It’s good to see the recent influx of letters from Xbox One X enthusiasts, they have to be the most patient and polite in gaming. You wait almost 12 months for an exclusive game and don’t seem angry about that. Often I read letters from owners of other consoles getting frustrated every time they have to wait a few months for a new exclusive. The only time this year I’ve heard any discontent was when Microsoft cancelled Scalebound, apart from that they seem happy with how Microsoft are handling this generation.

Hopefully Microsoft will have a regular supply of new games once they release the Xbox One X, it could be the boost they need. The only negatives are the price of the console… and the prospect of the Xbox Two being announced in two years might make people wait for that.

Cheap scares

ShopTo currently have the PlayStation 4 version of Resident Evil 7 in stock for a very decent £17.86, or even better pre-order for the gold edition at £30. Tesco have been selling it even cheaper at £15, but were out of stock last time I looked and the big stores don’t usually restock after they’ve slashed prices to clear stock.

I don’t think one single one of the Smyths toys store rock bottom bargains I’ve clicked on has ever been in stock.

First of one

According to Eurogamer Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is now the best-selling third-party game on Nintendo Switch. XCOM hasn’t sold too well, however this type of turn-based strategy populated with famous gaming icons proves strategy games can be a sales success on consoles.

No figure has been released so I couldn’t say how successful.

GC: That’s not exactly up against much competition, but it’s still good news all the same. We’ll never know what the sales were for XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen because it’s digital only, but we fear it wouldn’t have been much on consoles.

The next big thing

Fantastic news about NieR: Automata, I love how obviously shocked Square Enix were that it did well. And I must say I don’t quite believe it either. I mean, not that it didn’t deserve it, but when has that ever mattered before. Especially with niche Japanese games.

Of course now they’ll probably run it into the ground with all kinds of terrible spin-offs and mobile games, but like you say, that’s capitalism for you.

I am worried about that other stuff Square Enix said about games as a service. It’s not really that they’re not my cup of tea but it’s just the latest bandwagon for companies to jump on, whether it’s relevant to them or not. And I’m sure, like 90% of the fads before, it’ll end up fizzling out after a few years and everyone will wish they hadn’t wasted so much time and money on them.

You might have hoped Automata’s success would’ve shown them how successful and popular single-player role-players (or however you want to label it) are, and that that’s what they’re best. But no, instead of sticking with what they’re good at they immediately run off chasing the latest fashion that they know nothing about.

No guarantees

Anyone had a PS4 on/off button fail? Mine won’t turn on at all, even with the joypad. It also won’t eject the disc that’s in. Tried a different power lead, no joy.

It’s three years old in December, and has hardly been used. I was only keeping it for Far Cry 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 as I now own a Switch.

So any ideas? Cheap to repair? Or should I pursue sale of goods act with GAME?

Slow start

RE: ChickenDave and all the explaining and tutorials before the start of Forza Motorsport 5, I agree it is completely unnecessary. I can understand it being required in more complex games, yet racing games generally consist of knowing what the turning left and right, accelerate, and brake inputs are. It is never too difficult to work out the camera change, rear view, and rewind inputs as well. There are a finite amount of buttons.

The amount of rubbish and cut scenes you have to sit through with the Need For Speed reboot is also painful – just let us race and make these other parts optional via videos or pause menu descriptions. Just think how easy it is go get into a game of Rocket League as soon as you turn your console on.

I mean, who needs an explanation as to what XP is in this day and age? And yes, I’m aware it is/was a fantastic operating system as well!
PS: Switch remasters. There is a massive back catalogue from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era that can be remastered and enjoyed on a handheld. Look at all the excitement for playing Skyrim on it. You can probably take your pick from the best games of the last generation and hope they are remastered on the Switch, it will surely be able to cope if it is running current gen games at slightly reduced specs.

Inbox also-rans

Underrated shark game Depth is not only on sale for £3.74, but also free to play this weekend.

As of today when can we expect your review of FIFA 18? I’m interested in PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, same old, same old. My interest lies in the Nintendo Switch version and what this newly made engine can do. It’s the first EA game since the early Wii U days so I’m more than curious to know.

GC: Our PlayStation 4 review will likely be on Monday, but EA is having trouble sorting out review copies of the Switch version so we’re not sure when we’ll be able to start on that.

This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Tom Meadows, who asks how long you prefer your games to last?

Everyone’s pushed for time nowadays but does that mean you prefer to play one really long game or a larger number of shorter ones? How short does a single-player game have to be before you feel ripped off, and does that vary according to the genre and replayability? What games do you think got the length right, and which were too short or too long?


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