Games Inbox: Wolfenstein II shooter of the year, Splatoon 2 vs. Splatoon 1, and The Sexy Brutale love

First up a huge thank you to everyone at GameCentral for all the excellent news and reviews, you really are the best site out there, been reading since Channel 4 Teletext days!

I’ve finally got round to playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild after purchasing day one on Wii U (heard it would be rare)!

And I must say the reviews are true, what a great game. However, why has it taken me so long to get started? Also, having started why did it take me longer than usual (compared to other games) to get ‘into’ it? Probably the main reason is my ‘main’ console, if there’s such a thing, PlayStation 4 and so far it’s been a pretty blinding, but also annoying, year! So many games uncompleted, barely touched, or even unopened! To compound this, playing on the Wii U for more than a couple of hours at a time just feels, well, odd! I initially had the urge to switch off after an hour or so just because it feels strange having the console on so long. Also, the controller and button layout still feels unfamiliar, but nevertheless I continued and soon got ‘into’ the game.

Which finally brings me on to my main point. I achieved something in the game that I felt was significant, the game continued with no acknowledgement, to me this just felt a little off. True, I was seeing some amazing things in the game world, but something was missing, then it hit me: Trophies! Or lack of them. I know, I know, having made up ‘achievements’ has no bearing on a game’s quality, I myself have been gaming since my mate got a ZX Spectrum so I’ve completed plenty of games without this motivation. But now it just feels a bit empty when a game doesn’t acknowledge your achievements.

I can’t really say why this is and I’m a bit surprised it’s affected me so much. I’m not a Trophy ‘hunter’ and don’t choose games based on Trophies or anything, I guess I’ve just got used to them being there. This got me thinking whether Nintendo has missed yet another trick with their new console, the Switch. When Trophies first launched on the PlayStation 3 there was huge interest. Websites and Trophy trackers sprang up everywhere! There were sites predicting which games may be patched in future to include Trophies, in some cases online petitions were started to include Trophies in some games that didn’t have them!

Ridiculous? Maybe, but I think too many gamers enjoy having Trophies/Achievements to simply just ignore them. The counter argument is for those that dislike or even hate Trophies having to put up with them on another console. Simple, just include a simple option to disable them like the PlayStation 4 has? I’m really pleased to see the Switch performing so well in its early life, the industry desperately needs Nintendo in it, so surely anything that can give them an extra boost should be considered.

I initially had no real interest in the Switch, but I am becoming more and more tempted. Not having Trophies or Achievements wouldn’t prevent a purchase from me, but could it sway others? No doubt Nintendo could easily come up with something that surpasses the current achievement systems on Sony and Microsoft consoles, if they can be bothered that is!

What do the good people at GameCentral towers think? Would an achievement system further help the Switch? Or would it only serve to alienate existing fans? Or perhaps it’d make no difference either way, but I’ve enjoyed writing this anyway!

Keep up the good work!
Jenkster (PSN ID) Jenkster5 (NN ID)
PS: What’s happened to the Underbox? Has it been retired? I read mainly on my iPhone and it’s not been there for weeks, just reams of old(er) news and ads?

GC: Some individual Nintendo games do have their own achievement-like system, but Nintendo has never shown any interest in creating one that works across all games. The Underbox is working as far as we know, if you email us with your device and browser details we can get IT to check if there’s a problem.


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