Laser Weapon System or LaWS – Advance Weapon Systems Being Tested By US Military

In terms of sheer statistical figures, the US military spends an astronomical $554 billion annually to just fund its forces, while allocating an additional $85 billion for overseas operations.

When calculated from a global perspective, this accounts for a whopping 39 percent of world’s total military expenditures. Of course, this vast ambit of money should also translate into advancement of weaponry – which especially rings true in a modern scenario where emerging superpowers from around the world are on a passive arms-race for future military technology. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at six of the most advanced weapon systems that are already being tested by the US military.

Christened simply as the Laser Weapon System (LaWS), this $40 million prototype system is claimed to have the robust capacity to punch holes through enemy UAVs, by virtue of its boisterous 30kW photon beam. This energetic beam is generated with the aid of a collective powertrain of six solid-state welding laser. Their apertures are combined and focused onto a single point – which results in a dazzling photon burst that can cripple enemy UAVs and even confound the navigational systems of oncoming ships.

The LaWS prototype is already installed abroad the amphibious transport ship of USS Ponce, which does its patrolling duties in the disputed region of the Persian Gulf. According to the military, the advanced weapon system is proving to be pretty cost effective, with one laser shot just costing around a dollar.

Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Operational demonstration aboard USS Ponce (AFS(I) 15). (U.S. Navy video/Released) Youtube Video


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