Russian Robot Shoots Guns and Drives a Car

The Kremlin are planning on launching the robot into space and are working on technology that would allow even it to make its own decisions.

A terrifying Russian robot has been built with the ability to shoot guns, do push-ups and even drive a car.

The terminator-style cyborg could even reportedly be programmed to make its own decisions in the future using artificial intelligence.

Officially named the Combat Robot F.E.D.O.R, Russian officials insisted the machine will not be used as a killing machine to “terminate” enemies.

In terrifying footage the robot is seen at a shooting range, firing a gun with alarming accuracy. In other clips it is seen lifting weights and behind the wheel of a car.

The incredible technology means the robot is able to take control of a car. Footage shows the robot drilling through bricks. In an alarmingly similar manner to humans, the robot is able to lift weights and do push-ups.

Russia’s deputy PM Dimitry Rogozin wrote on Twitter: “Robot platform F.E.D.O.R showed shooting skills with two hands.

“We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of a great practical significance in various fields.”

Without specifying where the intelligence cyborg will be used, he added: “It will have huge applied value for different spheres of life.

The robot already has the ability to drive a car and do push-ups, and scientists are now looking at advancing the technology to the point where it is even more agile and able make its own decisions. Youtube Video


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