The Grand Theft Auto Online Bikers DLC is now available to Download

The Grand Theft Auto Online Bikers DLC is now available to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The free update brings a whole host of new features, including the ability to create a motorcycle club and purchase clubhouses, along with plenty of new vehicles, weapons and customisation options. Also kicking off with the update is the Bikers Bonus Week, which will provide players with the opportunity to purchase clothes and weapons at a discounted price.

Of course the main aspect of the Bikers DLC is the ability to create and join motorcycle clubs (MCs). These clubs can be up to 8 members strong, with players deciding whether they’d prefer to create their own club, or would rather join an existing one. Either way, players can enjoy the benefits of an MC through holding one of a multitude of different roles inside the club. The club president can promote players to different positions as they progress through the hierarchy. These positions include Vice President, Road Captain, Sergeant-at-arms and Enforcer. Each role comes with special abilities to aid themselves and the MC – ranging from dropping body armour, all the way to calling in hit squads. These abilities are best utilised when battling rival MCs and other criminal factions, another of the new features added as part of the DLC.

Also added for the Bikers DLC is the ability to purchase a clubhouse for your MC. There are a total of 12 different locations across the map, purchasable through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Every clubhouse comes with a bar, as well as the ability to take part in activities like darts and arm wrestling. There are various murals on the walls, and the option to upgrade to your own in-house Custom Bike Shop.

Each clubhouse is fitted with a meeting room. In here, the resident of the MC can use the Contracts wall to launch Clubhouse Contracts. These are Freemode missions that earn all players GTA$ as well as RP. The missions are activities like rescuing kid-napped allies, gunrunning and working against rival MCs who look to crush your club.

Businesses have also been added to with the release of the Bikers expansion. The Open Road Network will allow you to open a non San Andreas Board of Commerce business. You MC will be able to offer new services as part of the Open Road Network, including document forgery, cash counterfeiting and large scale narcotics distribution. You will begin as a small business with a few supplies before production. Once established in your field you can expand, but be wary of resupply runs – you never know who’ll be waiting to steal your supplies. When you’ve made enough money, you can turn in goods for profit which can be used to upgrade security, staffing and equipment for your business.

Every DLC comes with an impressive list of new vehicles, and the Bikers DLC is no different. In total, 13 new vehicles have been added to the game. A new feature is the addition of a ‘favourite bike.’ The motorbike you ride the most will automatically be set as your favourite, which will in turn provide boosts to health regeneration (including full regeneration of health) and damage.

GTA Bikers Download 2018

A list of all 13 new vehicles can be found below:
– Shitzu Defiler – $412,000
– Nagasaki Chimera – $210,000
– Western Zombie Chopper – $122,000
– Pegassi Fagio Mod – $55,000
– Pegassi Fagio Sport – $47,500
– LCC Avarus – $116,000
– Western Nightblade – $100,000
– Western Zombie Robber – $99,000
– Western Wolfsbane – $95,000
– Nagasaki Street Blazer – $81,000
– Maibatsu Manchez – $67,000
– Western Ratbike – $48,000
– Western Bagger – $16,000
Each new DLC also adds new weapons for players to try out. The main new weapon in the Bikers DLC is the Compact Grenade Launcher, which as the name suggests, is a small grenade launcher. Also added to the game is the automatic Sweeper Shotgun and three new melee weapons. These are a Pipe Wrench, Pool Cue and Battle Axe.

A massive part of biker culture is the clothes they wear and the tattoos that they have. There is a large selection of new clothes to help distinguish each different MC from the others. Jackets, cuts, helmets, and of course a massive range of leathers and denim clothes will allow players to show their own style within their MC. Each MC can create an emblem too. This can be a preset design, an existing crew emblem or a brand new custom design by the MC president. The emblem creator has been tweaked to make it easier to use.

A new adversary mode called Slipstream was added, and takes advantage of the game’s slipstream speed boost. Players must stick together in order to finish in front of the other team, making sure to slipstream people as much as possible. Well timed melee attacks can also help to ensure your team finishes first. There are seven maps currently available to race this mode on.

The Bikers Bonus Week kicked off on Tuesday, and saw prices slashed on armour and weapon ammo. Both body armour and ammo had a price decrease, with box magazines and high capacity drums having an additional 25% discount. What’s more is the White Wetsern Tee and Black Nagasaki Hoodie are free from any clothes store. In addition, the Black Western Tee is free with the purchase of a Wetsern Nightblade motorbike.

The ‘Trench I’ premium race was also released with this update and is designed around motorbikes. The track sees players winding around two miles of helter-skelter tunnels over 10 stories in the Grand Senora Desert. There are GTA$ payouts for the top three finishers, plus triple RP for all player, so get involved from the yellow blip in Legion Square or via the Quick Job App.

Using the Snapmatic photo mode, take your best picture of some of the new features released with the Bikers DLC for your chance to win GTA$1,000,000, plus be featured in the Rockstar Newswire. Just tag the photo with #BIKERS before October 10th to enter. There will be five winners selected, with full terms and conditions found here.

Finally, the update brought many requested optimizations and enhancements. These include the ability to set stunt races to non-contact as well as being able to use impounded and destroyed vehicles in races. Full patch notes can be found here. If you want to see the update in-action, be sure to check out the Bikers DLC trailer above.

The Grand Theft Auto Online Bikers DLC Video Trailer Here


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