Weekend Hot Topic part 2 What dead franchise do you want a sequel to

Well, seeing as it seems to be the age of Sega-flavoured impossibilities (and that I mentioned it recently), how about a Skies Of Arcadia 2? The original is starting to become Panzer Dragoon Saga rare, and I’m sure veteran Saturn owners would love a sequel to that, too.

Now, if Beyond Good And Evil 2 turns out to be as good as it’s currently looking we may get space pirates. Which would be awesome. But the potential of Skies is just as immense. Hints of that were contained in the original. The Discoveries that you acquire give you encyclopaedic entries on the world you explore. As such, there are many more mysteries to delve into.

Pinta, one of your recruitable crewmen, suggests that he strives to reach the six moons in Arcadia’s orbit. Imagine going there. Is the Red Moon unbearably hot? Why? Is the Green Moon teeming with vegetation? Do any of the moons have a breathable atmosphere? What could the Silver Moon be like? The moon governing the powers of life and death?

Arcadia also has areas of higher air pressure that form bands and are called rifts. These rifts require stronger engines and reinforced hulls in order to pass. One such rift is so strong that it cannot be breached by anything except finding safer pockets or routes along it. And it is so vast it stretches around the entire planet. Fans will know that I describe the Dark Rift – a place where Arcadia’s established laws of physics are thrown out the nearest port hole. At its heart lie shards of black moonstone. There was a Black Moon? Could there still be a Black Moon?

You also find out that Arcadia does in fact have a ground. It is more akin to the bottom of an abyss – where the pressure would kill all but the weirdest of creatures. It could be fascinating to explore more of it.

Then there’s the political ramifications. What happens after Vyse’s famous victory? How does the new Valuan Empire under Enrique fare? Will there be peace between Nasr and Valua? Or has Valua made so many enemies that a war of revenge is inevitable? When would you set a new game? Would it still feature Vyse and Aika? Or would you set it much later, when the world had had chance to recover and develop?

As you can see, this is something I love to think about and there is so much that could be done with this rich and intriguing universe.


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